Old Lady Kristi Goes Back To School: The Finale

I graduate on Thursday you guys. WOAH! I have another post I'm working on which will be full of all the things I've learned, but for now, I wanted to aggregate all of my #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool posts that I have put up over the past year. They've been pretty popular with the people. So here you go, all the unedited posts with this now famous (within my circle) hashtag:

Back in my day, college students didn't have smart phones. NOBODY had smart phones because THEY DIDN'T EXIST! #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool

Back in my day, you had to turn in a piece of paper to sign up for classes #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool

Back in my day, we only had Photoshop 10, none of this CC business. Indesign was version 2.0 and illustrator was version 7 #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool

Back in my day, teachers never gave you their email address because calling their land line was the best way to reach them #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool

Back in my day, phones didn't take pictures and you the photo industry hadn't switched to digital yet. My wedding photos are on film with negatives #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool

Back in my day, all homework was turned in on thinly pressed pieces of cellulose pulp, called paper #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool

Back in my day, there was no Facebook (it only came around my graduation) #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool

Back in my day I had to transfer files by way of a Zip drive that I had to carry around with me and giant Zip disks. If you saw one you'd see why they didn't catch on  #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool

Back in my day, the iPod was brand new #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool

Back in my day, students didn't need a "no phone" policy in class because we used them for calls only #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool

Back in my day, only a few select students had laptops in class to take notes. If you were one you had rich parents or a real nice grandma #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool

Back in my day, if you were meeting people online through a dating service it was creepy #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool

Back in my day, if you were wearing clothes from the 90s you were *out* of style #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool #ISawAScrunchieToday#AlsoDenimOveralls #AlsoWhiteShirtsUnderDresses

Back in my day, when you wrote a paper, you could only use one Internet reference. #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool

Back in my day, I didn't dress like I was going to da club urry day #ohwaityesIdid #teens #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool

Back in my day, water bottles had to be awkwardly held under faucets or drinking fountains to be filled and it would take forever. #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool

Back in my day, we used mirrors to check our makeup because you couldn't do it on cell phones. They were for phone calls. #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool

Back in my day, there was no such thing as an online class #oldladykristigoesbacktoschool

Back in my day, you had to buy text books in a bookstore and if they were out of stock you were sol #oldladykristigoesbacktoschool

Back in my day, Blackboard was an actual slate board a teacher wrote on with chalk, not a program for online classes #OldLadyKristiGoesBackToSchool