Her Universe Fashion Show Applications Now Open!

Hey hey hey my nerd fashionistas/os and designers! The Her Universe Fashion Show registration period is NOW OPEN OMG!! Check out the application HERE!

Myself, Jane Burson, and Cynthia Kirkland had such a blast meeting some of you last weekend at Wondercon on the floor and after our panel. You can see our collection on the Hot Topic site here, the Her Universe site here, and in Hot Topic stores!

Are you interested in entering the competition this year? Dude, you totally should. It literally changed my life, and it could change yours too! It’s open to all levels and abilities, and the friendship potential is out of this world! Don’t let that artist imposter syndrome get the best of you - apply!

If you want the most ridiculously in-depth look at this competition, please check out my 7 part series called So You Think You Can HUFS. Here’s a summary:

So You Think You Can HUFS: Series Introduction
The first blog in this series gives an overview of what to expect from both the competition and upcoming blogs in the series.

Creating A Concept Part 1: Push the Drama
How do you even begin to design? This section will provide tips on brainstorming a concept based on a fandom, choosing or inventing a unique silhouette, and making it fashion.

Creating A Concept Part 2: Submitting Your Design
As you design for the Her Universe Fashion Show, you may wonder how to best to fit the criteria of the competition and still showcase yourself as a designer. Highlights include presentation tips, competition strategy, and how to design to GET IN.

Getting in: Construction, Execution, and Project Management
So you have the perfect design! This section covers tips on bringing your ideas to life in a professional way through construction and execution, planning your time, and planning and raising funds for you trip.

HUFS Cost Saving & Fundraising Strategies
Originally this was going to be part of the blog above, but it’s important enough to be broken out into its own entry! I’ll talk about ways to save money on your design, ways to raise it, and planning your San Diego trip.

Presentation: The Runway Experience
Many designers have never exhibited on the runway until the show. This blog will cover bringing the complete look to life on stage, as well as what to expect when you step in front of the judges.

HUFS Winners Round Table
Past winners of HUFS will tell you what they looked for when judging the finalists, and will also tell you what NOT to do! Interviews with nearly every past show winner.